Health & Safety

With over 300 rafters on the river this aspect of the event is taken very seriously and one of our members, Lion Dale Troth, is professionally involved in H & S through his work. Each year Dale reviews his comprehensive risk assessment for this event and revises it as he deems necessary.

With any physical challenge there are hazards beyond our control such as wild life, the two weirs, shallow water, overhanging branches and, of course, other river users such as pleasure craft in Stratford. “At each weir we have a Sub Aqua team in the water to assist rafts over the weir plus lots of canoeists”At each weir we have a Sub Aqua team in the water to assist rafts over the weirs plu lots of canoeists who can retrieve lost paddles etc. or help anyone who gets into difficulty. After the second (Alveston) weir we have several power boats which patrol the river looking out for teams in distress. Tiredness, sun/heat stroke, dehydration and hypothermia are actual risks and the safety crews will come to the aid of any crew members that are suffering. By around 4:30pm we start to tow in the few rafts still on the river as many of the paddlers are too tired to continue. We don’t go overboard with H & S but want you to have a safe and fun day out.

If you are concerned about water bourne diseases this link may prove useful.


At present we are working on the 2017 version but you are very welcome to download a copy of our 2016 risk assessment in the meantime.
You are advised to consider taking out personal accident insurance because, as we all know, accidents can happen. The Lions carry substantial Public Liability insurance cover and a copy of the 2016/7 certificate can be downloaded.