Fund raising

We are using this event as a vehicle to raise finds for our nominated charity, Riding for the Disabled Association (RDA), which is dedicated to improving the lives of children and adults with disabilities through horse riding and carriage driving.

Although the fund raising element of our raft race is important you should not forget that you rafters will have a memorable and fantastic day out doing something really rather different. The challenge is to design and build your raft and then paddle it down the Avon for over 7 miles (11km) using whatever materials you can beg, borrow or otherwise source. Raft design is very important as it must be as light in weight as possible to allow you to carry it into and out of the river.

The Lions would very much like to raise enough money to allow RDA to purchase equipment to be used in a new centre of excellence being built in Shrewley near Warwick. This building will house the national conference and training centre for RDA volunteers and coaches from across the UK, and act as a working yard for 20 or so horses.

A sponsorship form is included in the entry pack but spare copies can be downloaded here.