Entry forms

It is so easy to enter!

Some important notes:

  • We ask all rafts to support us in raising loads of sponsorship for Riding for the Disabled Association so we are asking each raft to commit to raising a minimum of £100 sponsorship. “Recently the most raised by one raft was over £4000!”Recently the most raised by one raft was over £4000! but with an average donation amount of £270 per raft we are sure you can do as well or better than that.
  • All crews are required to design and build their own rafts and paddles using begged, borrowed but not stolen materials. See the raft specification download below for some compulsory raft design specifications and for further advice please go to the raft design hints.
  • Every member of crew is required to wear a buoyancy aid at all times whilst on the river.

Entry forms

The entry pack contains everything you need to enter the race so please ensure mobile numbers and email addresses are completed should we have to contact you.  The entry fee is £15.00 per person which contributes toward our costs such as all the waterborne safety crews, medical stations, toilets, PA system, telecoms and much more.

There are two ways you can enter via the electronic pdf form which can be opened and filled in using Adobe Reader and then emailed to us when completed, or the manual pdf version can be printed and filled in by hand and posted to us.

It seems that only Internet Explorer will allow you to open and fill in the form online. Probably it is best to download the form to your device and complete it using Acrobat Reader.
Simply download the form, print it and fill it in. Then post it to us – simples!


Some simple and common sense topics which cover safety and behaviour on the river toward other users, wildlife and the environment.
There is no such thing as a standard raft but these notes provide some mandatory requirements and guidance about raft design.
A sponsorship form is included in the entry pack but a spare copy can be downloaded here.