About the RDA

Riding for the Disabled Association (RDA) helps over 25,000 disabled children and adults to enjoy the life-changing benefits of horses and ponies. RDA has around 500 volunteer groups all over the UK delivering therapy, achievement and fun ā€“ and with your help they can do even more.

A happy youngster

Many of the disabled children and adults who are lucky enough to have a place at a local RDA group have been referred there by a doctor or physiotherapist. Riding is great therapy: relaxing and strengthening muscles ā€“ especially the core muscles used for balance, coordination, posture and walking.

RDA brings other benefits too, offering a chance to make friends, access the countryside, learn a skill, have fun and gain the confidence to try new things.

Despite the support of over 18,000 volunteers, many RDA groups have a waiting list, so that some disabled people are waiting years for a place ā€“ and many will never have a chance to benefit from that unique partnership between horse and rider.
With your help, RDA can open up more opportunities for disabled people to access riding and carriage driving in their local area; so that more children and adults can benefit from the powerful therapy of riding and the life-changing bond between humans and horses.